Calvin and Hobbes was a daily comic strip written and illustrated by Bill Watterson, following the humorous antics of Calvin, an imaginative six-year-old boy, and Hobbes, his energetic and sardonic -— albeit stuffed -— tiger.

Interesting facts

  • Tommy Chestnutt was a real person, a close friend of Watterson at Kenyon College. Chestnutt was the only of Bill’s friends to make a strip. The Essential Calvin and Hobbes reads “To Tom” on page 5. It could be to Chestnutt, or another of his friends named Tom Tenney. Or both.
  • David Spade sports a Calvin tattoo and actor Sean Penn was filmed applying the tattoo.
  • Although its contents are a mystery to everyone but [Stephen] King and Watterson, longtime Calvin and Hobbes editor Lee Salem recalls forwarding a fan letter received from King to Watterson.
  • Calvin wishes the Big Bang was called the ‘horrendous space kablooie’ and the tyrannosaur the ‘monstrous killer death lizard.
  • The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It begins, ‘Long ago Horace White Observed that the Constitution of the United States “is based upon the philosophy of Hobbes and the religion of Calvin. It assumes that the natural state of mankind is a state of war, and that the carnal mind is at enmity with God.
  • Watterson loved the Beatles, and John Lennon once said, ‘Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.
  • Calvin is under the misimpression that BC stands for Before Calvin.

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